Safety Measures Every Construction Site Should Have In Place

Basically, a hazard is the potential for harm or an adverse effect (for example, to people as health effects, to organizations as property or equipment losses, or to the environment)


1.Unsafe Working at height/Fall from height

2.Unsafe Lifting operations

3.Falling objects/Fall of material from height

4.Slip & Trip

5.Struck by Foreign body


7.Unguarded Machinery

8.Unsafe Access/Egress.

9.Unsafe Scaffolds.

10.Unsafe Excavations.

11.Unsafe Electrical equipment & connections/Electrical shock.

12.Overloaded Vehicle & Forklifts.

13.Hit by Speeding Vehicle/Earth moving equipment

14.Unsafe Cantilever Loading Platform.

15.Unsafe Mobile crane.

16.Unstable/Unsafe Structural Membranes.

17.Unsafe Working Platforms.

18.Open Shafts & Edges.


20.Handling Solvent, Thinner, Paint etc.


22.Heat Radiation.

23.Wrong Posture of work

Control Measures

1. Proper Housekeeping

2. Don’t over speed at construction site

3. Remove unwanted material from site

4. Install or provide Fire fighting equipment

5. Qualified Electrician must be available at site

6. Use defect free cable for electrical connection

7. Always use Full Body Harness at work at height

8. Construction material must be properly stacked.

9. Install Safety net where risk level is high at height

10.Use Fall Arrester at height where slop area or over height

11. Excavated material should not kept near the excavated

12. Excavation must be guarded by suitable fencing

13. All Electrical connection must be routed through ELCB/RCCB

14. Provide fire fighting equipment training to employees/workers

15. Electrical connections/Cable must be overhead above 2 meter or underground.

16. Provide a good working platform

17. All opening/edges must be closed

18. Moving parts of machinery must be guarded.

19. All tools & tackles must be in good conditions.

Moreover, Adequate First Aid equipment should be kept ready – PPE must be use at all the time of construction site

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